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Our Vision

From You & For You ​

Our Mission Is To Help People Love What Their Hands Can Do For Their Lives .​

we think in the Chef company about making cooking easy for all kinds of people and that will happen through the products and servises that we provide for our customers and olso the relationships that we build with our clients .

Abdellah Staitay

founder & CEO of The Chef

our story

June 27,2017

The ‘aha’ Moment

for two years, all we were thinking about it was the difference between the professional cookers and average cookers ,or lets say, the difference between the chefs and average people , and we find out that the kind of the kitchen tools that each of the chefs and average people have make a big difference and sure the experience that the chefs have , and in this moment we think that we can provide the best kitchen tools and best recipes and olso best cooking teachers for people who can’t stay a long time in kitchen and we descovered that this idea is amazing because people who love cooking but they don’t know how or in other word they don’t have the right tools can now see and buy the perfect tools for each recipe .

The Next Day

Dream Big and Go After It!

abdellah wondred whether the tools he can provide and which brand he can work whith , and after hours of thinkinghe decide to build brand by himself and he named it the chef because in his mind all people are chefs just if they have the right tools and the right recipes .

july, 2017 - may, 2018

Make the Most With What You Have... Scrappiness is a Virtue

With a few months for launch the site, Abdellah, along with a few core team members and a slew of interns, hustled to get the job done… even when things didn’t work according to plan.

they work until in night to make this idea happen and they faced a lot of problems but the difference between the chef company and the other companies that we love what we do and we so motivated to grow this brand and make it the most trust company in the world

december 31,2018

The launch day

the launch day was full of emotions , yes , we did it , we put our idea into reality,maybe we are just in the begining but a few of this is come from a lot of suffering and a lot of early morning and late nights but when we see our gaol come true we laugh from our hearts 

our product

What we offer:

Your Dream tools. A tools That Gives You The Freedom To Experiment And Have Fun With Cooking

our products is made specially for us , with high quality and luxury advantages.

you don’t buy  just the product but you will enjoy the experience that you will live with us .

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